The cream

Whilst taking photographs with an ‘Operation Overlord’ theme at the Churnet Valley Railway an old truck went past Consall Station. It was a Bedford Type O truck loaded with milk churns. Much nicer than modern tankers.


The owner had parked just a short walk up from the station at Consall Forge. We sent Joe to invite them to come onto the railway property and have some photos taken. The registration shows it to have been registered in the 1950’s but the design is certainly in keeping with our theme for the shoot.

'Operation Overlord'

The gallery from the day shows images of United States Army Transportation Corps S160 class 2-8-0, No. 6046 hauling a short rake of flats and wagons representing a typical wartime load. Extra realism was lent to the scene by members of the 1st Infantry Division Living History Group who traveled with us, as well as bringing some of their vehicles along for the day.

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